Working in Hillfields

Hillfields has always been at the heart of the industrial growth of Coventry, with weaving, watchmaking, bicycle and car manufacturing industries all leaving a visible legacy in the area.  This section of the site deals with Employment and Enterprise and aims to provide support  to enable to find a job as well as supporting local businesses to advertise their services and products they provide in addition to signposting local entrepreneurs and business people to sources of support to help their business to grow and thrive.  The services provided are particularly important given the current economic recession.

The Working in Hillfields section provides information on:

Job Opportunities
Support for Businesses
Information on Benefit and Advice Services
Employment Services
Childcare provision
Employment rights
The section also provides information on the organisations delivering services in Hillfields and the fourms and groups meeting locally to try and improve the quality of life for local people.  These are groups in which local people can get involved to help develop the area and the local services provided to people living in the neighbourhood.